Xerox Service Agreement Cost

As Xerox has dedicated itself to excellence in after-sales support and services, our current policy is to support a product for at least five years after production ends. Deliveries will be available for this product as long as there is sufficient demand for these deliveries (at least as long as the product is taken care of). See guarantees and terms and conditions No. 4. This agreement does not apply to repairs required by an accident, customer error, abuse, abuse, negligence, theft, riots, vandalism, power outage, fire, water or other injuries or repairs due to the above are the responsibility of the customer. 12. This agreement represents the entire agreement between the customer and our company with respect to the provision of services. The above terms and conditions apply regardless of any derogation from the terms of an order that the Customer submits in relation to our Service. 15. This contract is automatically renewed with the payment of the amount of this period by the customer at the rate that came into effect on the date of renewal.

This agreement may be terminated by both parties at any time after a written period of ten days. And when it`s over. the customer`s obligation to pay all costs incurred fulfills any termination of the contract. Normally, the service agreement should include both services and consumables. A time and hardware service call is provided at the best response time All service contracts (except conversions) are available in two forms: Advanced Service Contracts Available within the first 90 days after owning the product, save up to 28% by purchasing this type of agreement! Annual service contracts acquire a service contract after the first 90 days or renew an existing service contract; You always get Xerox-approved technical product support in one easy-to-use payment. The services offered may vary from country to country: please contact your local customer service or retailer for more information. If your requirements go beyond the maintenance and repair of the devices, we also offer network support and repair as well as extensive technical supports to improve all your office requirements. Among the paid services include: This contribution may seem a bit naïve, but I do some digging for my business and I have a few questions. I`m trying to figure out if we`re going to get beat up by a printing company. We bought a printer for about $11,000 a few years ago. We are pursuing a service contract of approximately 25 $US per month. My question is that if we own this machine and we do not rent it, why are we charged for each black and white print as well as for the coloured print??? I do not know how normal it is for us to pay more than $300 a month if we have it.

I hope I`m not aware of how it works, but I have a bad feeling. Anyone who is aware of this topic, please try to fill me in so that I don`t feel like I`m being exploited. 11. All service calls on 8 miles of radius are subject to a travel charge of $35 due to the increase in gas prices. If you have any questions, please contact our service. they offer us the toner and service if necessary. Definitely toner for a 7232 work center is not 300″ per month, so we only have a few months or so toner. They never send anyone here because we never have a problem. So, am I right in my assumption that if I am able to find cheaper toners, and I am able to use the machine myself, can I just leave with what they charge me?? I just have to think about my options. 5. Toner spillage is considered negligent and is not covered by this contract, except once a year when you purchase our deliveries.